About Us

Who We Are

Chequered Flag Motorsport is a not for profit Community Interest Company (CIC). That means that we must have a clear mission and objectives that benefit specific areas of the community and any profit we make as a company is used as we have identified to the CIC Regulator and not for the benefit of company directors. I feel that we are unique in that we do not help a single group of individuals effected in a certain way, we are open to all in our efforts to make motorsport widely available.

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Our Simulator

  • 49” HD curved monitor
  • Realistic force feedback Porsche and McLaren steering wheels
  • Realistic force feedback pedals
  • Full racing bucket seat
  • Over 180 cars and nearly 40 tracks we can give you an unforgettable experience we also have the facility to design a car with your own livery

What We Do

At the centre of fundraising activities is our very own simulator. We use the simulator at events organised by either ourselves or the various charities that we work with by taking the fun, entertainment, excitement and competition of top class motorsport.

We provide a range of options for anyone wanting to experience motorsport either as a fan or as a participant.

  • Motorsport related factory and museum tours
  • Fast passenger laps at well known circuits
  • Events featuring our own simulator
  • Escorted package tours to top class motorsport events
  • Circuit track days
  • Opportunity to sample a professional racing simulator
  • Opportunity to take part in our scholarship programme to race our car in a bone fida racing championship

Frequently Asked Questions

You may be a charity looking for help with your fundraising efforts and fancy something a little different. Our range of events are not only intended to be for fundraising for the charities and good causes that we work with and to fund the delivery of our own events, but all our events are intended to first and foremost to be for non neuro diverse, disabled and less priviliged. So if that is a group that you represent then get in touch to see how our events can help. Unfortunately we cannot promise to help everyone but we will try our best. The benefits that motorsport bring should be more widely accessible to all.

Through our diverse range of motorsport activities we are able to offer a wide range of options to promote your brand.

You can host one of our events for your staff to have a bit of fun or team building or simply to support our fundraising efforts

We can cost effectively provide brand exposure on race cars and at race meetings.

You may like what we are doing and want to lend your name to an event or to attend an existing event.

You may wish for your business to be associated with the social good that we are doing and benefit from that our association through various publicity and advertising channels.

We can provide you with details of existing events all of which you are welcome to attend.