Welcome to Chequered Flag Motorsport

It is 7 months since I formally started Chequered Flag Motorsport. It has been a strange 7 months and definitely not one that I would have predicted, but I have come a long way. From my own personal demons of battling with fatigue and depression. Having a desire to help others and the formation of an idea that took a lot of research but gave me the focus that I needed at the time.

From my initial idea I have come a long way to become a fully registered Community Interest Company, originally with the idea to support the Stroke Association. Unfortunately, for legal reasons that I don’t understand, they were only happy for me to raise funds for them as an idividual and not as an organisation. I have, however, successfully built relationships with other charities on both a local and national level.

My four main charities are Different Strokes, a national stroke charity, PACES, a charity supporting those with neurological conditions, Wakefield Street Kitchen, a local charity feeding and caring for the homeless and vulnerable and Rainbow Baby Bank, a local charity providing support to local families.

In addition I am also providing ad hoc support to other charities such as Support Dogs, a charity training and providing alert dogs, Dementia UK and various mental health organisations.

I have also been fortunate to build a network of individuals and organisations from within the motorsport arena who have been very supportive of my objectives. In particular Max Coates, from JCW Challenge, Ben Hurst from Britisg GT, Adam Croft and the team at SimTrack and young karters such as Kyan Gohill.

Like all during the pandemic we have been unable to get out and undertake the events that form the core of our fundraising. At the moment all we can do is look forward to a time when normality allows us to deliver events. With that in mind we have a race series planned during 2021 for PACES, a golf day and we have a series of stand alone events planned not only as our core fundraising events but are also looking at events for Dementia UK and others who we will be working with.

I would not have progressed to where I am now without the support and involvement of some key individuals. Firstly to the man who has become my right hand, Lewis Surtees, to the man who initally provided my business cards but who has also facilitated many new relationships, Aaron Brown and the team at Ayup Design and Print, Adam Croft and the team at SimTrack who unwittingly and unknowingly set me off on the motorsport route and who have been so supportive in helping the brand grow.

Finally, but definitely not least is Mark Eadle of Zemsports who has been a constant sounding board , support and with whom I shared a vison several years ago of something that was different to what was out there at the time.

Over coming blogs I not only want to keep you informed as to what we are getting up to but to introduce you to some of the people I have mentioned. In addition, as it was the starting point for me, I want to talk a little about stroke and the ongoing impact, especially fatigue.

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