New Mission

Hello and welcome to our June blog. Behind the scenes things have been as busy as ever working on projects that, unfortunately, we still cannot say too much about publicly, but are extremely excited about.

Following our slight change of emphasis we now have a new Mission Statement


Chequered Flag Motorsport, helps those who are usually told ‘no’, or not given the same opportunities as neurotypical, non-disabled or otherwise privileged individuals when it comes to participation in motorsport. We also indirectly help named charities.

The new Mission Statement has also given rise to a new purpose.


We help individuals, who experience limitations in their daily lives, partake in a range of motorsport activities, by providing the organisation of events and schemes to allow access to motorsport. This is done through a range of activities helping them gain more opportunities, participate in rehabilitation activities and improve their overall wellbeing. The events and schemes that we orchestrate also at times act as, or have the sole purpose of being fundraisers, with a range of charities and good causes being the beneficiaries of such funds.

The continued growth of the organisation, interest and demand for our services and our development of further projects has resulted in us using the services of a number of key professionals who will all bring key experience, expertise and knowledge to what we are trying to achieve

In a future blog, in the near future, I will introduce you to our new additions.

We have developed a 5 stage range of activities for individuals to take part in depending upon their ability and desire

  • motorsport factory/museum tours
  • access to our own and professional simulators
  • escorted tours to motorsport events (eg British Grand Prix, Le Mans 24h)
  • track days (as passenger or driver)
  • opportunity to be a race driver

We will provide more detail about what is involved in the above and how you can take part.

So what do we have coming up ?

Next week we visit our friends at SimTrack in Leeds with the charities Unmasked and Support Dogs that we work with. Look out on our social media for news of our visit (Instagram – chequered_flag_motorsport, facebook – chequered flag motorsport cic )

We will be making changes to both our social media and website and hope to be in a position to share more news of what we have been doing and what is coming up.

Stay safe, enjoy the sunshine and we will catch you next month.

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